Spa Services and Wellness

Beauty, health and wellness are emerging together and making a strong and superb industry. According to a report of Global Wellness Institute, the market for this industry was at US$ 4.2 trillion in 2017 and is growing rapidly because people are looking for an alternative way of being happy, healthy and beautiful.

The Global Wellness Institute defines spas as establishments that promote wellness through the provision of therapeutic and other professional services aimed at renewing the body, mind and spirit. Spa facilities offer a wide variety of services (e.g., massages, facials, body treatments, salon services, water-based treatments, health assessments and more) as well as sales of related products. Most consumers and industry experts would agree that at its core—no matter its size, form or business model—a spa is an establishment that focuses on wellness. The concepts of wellness, the healing traditions drawn upon, and the therapeutic techniques applied differ dramatically across both nations and types of spas. The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.

In simple terms, spas promotes wellness. To incorporate wellness in our life, we need to pay attention to our choices and lifestyle. It’s also about giving priorities that matters most to you, to your healthy and happy life. Spa services promote self care, once we are aware of self care, it has a lot of good impacts on our happy and healthy life. Self care brings good choices in life, and most of the time, life is all about choices. When we choose the right things, and make the right decisions, life becomes healthier and happier.

Spa services like facial, massage, and waxing are recommended once a month. In normal condition, once a month would be for maintaining the good result. Why once a month? A month is a time period, and there is a time cycle on a month. This cycle is applied to nature and to us too. For example, a full moon occurs once a month as it is one full time cycle of the moon to earth. A girl or woman get menstruation once a month. For men, there is a cycle of once a month, but it is not that obvious as women. In fact, we are all integrated with time, that’s why we are born as a baby, grow up and get older. As time passes and the seasons change, our bodies also change. The good thing is that we are humans and we take care of ourselves before it is too late. For example, getting a Massage helps to get a better blood and lymphatic circulation in our bodies. A good circulation of blood in our body is a key to staying healthy as our organs, tissues, and cells receives the energy and nutrition from the fresh supply of blood to every part of the body. A good lymphatic circulation is also very important as it drains out the toxin and unwanted fluid from our body.

Our skin from the age 20 to 40 naturally renews once a month. From the 50s, skin slow downs to renew and starts to look older. By getting a facial, we can maintain and take care of skin turnover cycle so that we can have healthy glowing skin. Body hair growth also takes a month for a cycle of development. It feels and looks great if we remove unwanted hair on the face and body.

Besides the physical benefits of spa services, it also provides emotional and social wellbeing. When we look and feel better, it improves our efficiency and productivity. It gives us the energy to work better and harder and smarter. It also improves your confidence level for social wellbeing. When you choose our spa services, you are choosing for self care, holistic health and wellness. When you are healthy and happy, you are capable of making good choices for you, your family and even for your community.

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