Daily Discount

Monday:10% discount for working Mom! We know, you will work hard whole week at work and at home. So you need to start your weekday with some workout for your body, mind, and spirit. Choose any service you need today, and receive 10% discount. While we do massage and facial for you, you will get some time for Monday mediation, Monday motivation, Monday Mom time and Monday moon time! Be calm like a moon and shine like a moon!

Tuesday: 10% discount for teenagers. So how was your Monday? Tuesday is the great day to start a new thing, new focus, new challenge. If your oily skin and pimples are bothering you and your confidence level, then come here for treatment and receive 10 % discount on Tuesdays! You have that horizon to explore!

Wednesday: 10% discount for wise working men. Do you want to get that high productivity and efficiency and want to achieve your goals and success in your life? If yes, then a facial and professional massage will definitely give you a positive impact on that. While we do massage and facial for you, you will get time for cooling down your stress, meditation, self-awareness, self-visualization, and self-valuation. So, do it, and you will know it, and save 10% on every Wednesdays. Why Wednesday? Because it’s the middle of the weekdays/workdays. And then be healthy, wealthy and wise!

Thursday: 10% discount to thoughtful seniors. We know, you have seen the beautiful moments, you have seen the life cycles, you have seen the games…We respect you and your life journey, your experience and expertise. We know, time flies so fast and it’s flying continuously, leaving and erasing some moments far behind, and carrying some moments inside our heart forever! Life and time are wonderful, aren’t they? Anyway, don’t underestimate the present time, it’s a gift that’s why it’s called “present”. So enjoy your time and come here at Lumbini Wellness Spa for facial, massage, and other spa services and products that you need. Save 10% on spa services on every Thursday!
You will increase your well being for sure!

Friday: 10% discount when you come with your friend

Saturday: 10% discount when you come with your family members

Sunday: We close. We request you to consider Sunday as your family day and stay home with your family and experience a quality time with them.

Gift Cards and Gift Certificates are available to buy from the spa. Spa Gift Cards are the great way to help your loved one to celebrate their special day. You also have the power to make your loved one’s a regular day to a Special Spa Day! Make yours and other’s every day to a special day and celebrate it with us!